Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Band Shares Favorite Songs Over Pizza & Beer

Last Friday night several members of my band, Miskatonic (left), got together at our drummer Mark's house for pizza and beer - and to each share a few songs that inspire us and might be relevant to our '80s-influenced alt-pop sound. These weren't necessarily our favorite three songs ... just ones we liked and wanted other band members to hear. (Unfortunately, Tim, our guitarist, was out of town.)

Between beer, pizza, and playing Beatles Rock Band, here's what we listened to. What would you choose?

Mark (Drums)
  • Secret Meeting - The National
  • To Be Broadcast - The Butchies
  • Uncontrollable Urge - Devo
Paul (Guitar, Keyboards)
  • You Gave Your Love to me Softly (Unreleased) - Weezer
  • Violent Life - Blonde Redhead
  • Lucky Guy - The Muffs (I've been playing this song obsessively since being reminded of it.)
Liz (Vocals)
  • Kiss, Kiss - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  • You'll Find a Way - Santogold
  • Wolf Like Me - TV on the Radio
Steve (Bass)
  • The Pace is the Trick - Interpol
  • I Only Said - My Bloody Valentine
  • I Want the One I Can't Have - The Smiths

Here's the video for "Wolf Like Me" by TV on the Radio from their performance on Letterman.

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